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Abo Valve


Abo Company ProfileABO01

  • Manufacture of  butterfly and check valve, knife gates and ball valves
  • Export into more than 50 countries all over the world
  • Abo headquarters Olomouc, Czech Republic
  • 6 branches – Slovakia, Rusia, Singapore, Brazil, China, India
  • Control Laboratories, development centres, education centre
  • Product Machinery : CNC machine horizontal machining centres, 3D measurnement centres
  • Certification ISO, CE, TUV, Llyod’s Register, AD 2000- Merkblatt, TA Luft, DVGW, GOSTR, ROSTECHNADZOR and Other

History of CompanyABO02

  • 1991 Foundation of parent company SIWATEC
  • 1993 Foundation of manufacturing company Abo valve
  • 1996 Foundation of subsidiary branch – Abo Slovakia
  • 2007 Start production of high performance butterfly valves
  • 2008 Foundation of subsidiary branch ABO Armatura in Rusia
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Eletta Flow


Eletta flow monitors
used for more than sixty years

The Eletta Flow Monitors type; V-, S-, R-, A- and D-series are based on the proven and reliable differential pressure principle, using interchangeable orifice plates for different measuring ranges. They are available for threaded connections DN 15 – 40 and flanged connections DN 15 – 400 and in different material of construction such as bronze, painted cast iron and stainless steel.
They come in two measuring ratios, 1:2 and 1:5, which is indicated by the designation of the models. Flow range  are available from 0,4 l/min to 25 000 l/min.

The V1 and V15 are basic models without local indication and one micro switch set-point. It is adjustable within the flow range of the monitor. They are very robust, e.g insensitive to m...

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Tradition is our foundation stone

AUMA have been developing and building electric actuators and valve gearboxes for more than 45 years and is one of the leading manufacturers in the industry.
Energy sector, water industry, petro-chemical industry and users from the most diverse industries wordwide rely on technologically sophisticated  products by AUMA.

2,400 employees. 30 locations worldwide. Modular product design.

A company in motion - AUMA.

Armaturen- Und Maschinen-Antriebe (Valve- and Machine Actuators)
- an idea turns into a product program

Armaturen- Und Maschinen-Antriebe - an idea turns into a product program
Production plant and Headquarters in Muellheim / Germany

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Renu PLC

Renu Electronics, a well Trusted and Respected name in the industry, offers solutions for all Factory Automation applications. Renu Electronics is one of the pioneers in designing & manufacturing of Factory Automation products like wide range of Text and Touch Screen based HMI, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), HMI with built-in PLC, Technology based Protocol Converters, Analog and Digital Field I/O, SCADA, Signal converters and Repeaters, Port Multiplexers, Flow products and many more. Renu Electronics is an ISO 9001 : 2008 and ISO 14001 : 2004 certified company and proud to be one of the few RoHS compliant manufacturing organizations in India. Most of the products have CE & UL listings. Renu Electronics’ nation wide Sales and Support
channel, helps to provide prompt & valuable suppo...

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SIPOS 5 Flash

Over a number of years there has been an increasing trend in process automation to distribute control system functionality away from central control to actual field devices close to point of application.
SIPOS 5 Flash actuators are setting the standard in pioneering product development that supports this change.
Wide ranging actuator applications The SIPOS 5 Flash actuator series has proven field reliability and
constant further development has opened up a wide variety of applications including:
– The energy sector – from the power plant to district heating
– Water management – from drinking water processing to thesewage treatment plants
– Industrial plants – from cement factories to the food and chemicalindustries


Integrating power and control circuits within the actuator, m...

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