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Eletta flow monitors
used for more than sixty years

The Eletta Flow Monitors type; V-, S-, R-, A- and D-series are based on the proven and reliable differential pressure principle, using interchangeable orifice plates for different measuring ranges. They are available for threaded connections DN 15 – 40 and flanged connections DN 15 – 400 and in different material of construction such as bronze, painted cast iron and stainless steel.
They come in two measuring ratios, 1:2 and 1:5, which is indicated by the designation of the models. Flow range  are available from 0,4 l/min to 25 000 l/min.

The V1 and V15 are basic models without local indication and one micro switch set-point. It is adjustable within the flow range of the monitor. They are very robust, e.g insensitive to magnetic fields, and well suited for rough industrial applications.

The S2 and S25 models have a large and easy readable dial of 130 mm which is clearly visible even in a harsh and dusty industrial environment. They have two micro switch setpoints.
They are independently adjustable within the measuring range and they can be set for high- and lowflow alarms. The S-series is also insensitive to magnetic fields.

V1 V15  01

S2 S2502

The R2 and R5 is capable to give both a frequency and analogue output. The frequency output is linear to a flow between 200 – 1000 Hz and the analogue output is a linear current 4 – 20 mA.

The A2 and A5 models have a local bargraph style indicator showing the flow as well as a 4 – 20 mA signal output linear to the liquid flow. In addition to this, they are equipped with two independent adjustable set-point relays for setting alarms within the whole measuring range.

The D2 and D5 Flow Monitor is the most recent model with microprocessor based electronics and back lit digital display. The display is possible to rotate 90 degrees (electronically) which makes it possible to install the monitor both vertically and horizontally in any piping system. The D2 and D5 is equipped with a 4 – 20 mA output signal as well as local alarms. A linearization possibility of the flow curve is built in and can be programmed by the user. Also included is a re-settable flow totalizer. In order to conveniently set up a flow system at dry conditions, a simulation mode for the analogue and frequency output signal can be activated.

R2 R5

03A2 A5


D2 D505

Eletta flow monitors
are in use all over the world

The principle of measuring flow with an orifice plate, creating a differential pressure which corresponds to the flow, is combined with a new smart pressure sensor arrangement – The M-series.

The M-series is simple, rugged and reliable and shows the possibilities of differential pressure flow metering. The M3 is an expansion of the Eletta range, it is a compact, versatile and programmable electronic flow meter. All parameters are accessible through a standard computer interface and the flow rate remotely read via a standard 4 – 20 mA output. The software enables you to choose between three possible modes of operation: Gas flow, liquid flow or differential pressure. It is available in three pressure classes; 10, 25 and 50 bar in either brass or stainless steel. Pipe sizes from DN 15
- 500 and the turndown is 1:10.

These Flow Monitors are based on the principle of variable flow passage area. This makes them suitable for detecting small flows whilst at the same time letting large flows pass without any appreciable increase in
pressure loss.

The SP-G and EF-G models are designed for smaller pipe dimensions with threaded process connections for DN15 and DN20. The maximum flow capacity is 70 l/min and they are equipped with one pre-set setpoint. This setpoint can be modified on site by simply replacing a calibrated disc and also the connections can be adapted to other dimensions by using nipples and reductions. The SP-G model has a mechanical micro switch and the EF-G has an inductive proximity

SP-GA is a larger model with a DN40 process connection and one mechanical micro switch. It also has a field-adjustable set-point within a range of 3 – 70 l/min whilst allowing a maximum flow rate of 300 l/min. Filters and reducer couplings are available to adapt it to smaller pipes as low as DN25.

PR1 is the well-proven low cost paddle type of switch which is suitable for applications where limited accuracy is required. The lowest setpoint is approximately 100 l/min in a DN 50 pipe. The PR1 creates very small pressure loss as the paddle aligns itself with the flow.

TIVG. The acquisition of the ABB TIVG Flow Indicator made Eletta Flow Monitors Product line even more complete and today Eletta is known to be the market leader in the field of mechanical Flow Monitors. These products have been in service in power stations around the world for many years and they are being specified again and again for new and
refurbished plants.












A wide field of application 

Eletta products monitor everything from simple cooling circutis
in induction heating machinery to the gas flow of carbon
dioxide in manufacturing processes. The company’s proven
orifice plate technology is highly effective and well recognized.

  • Monitoring flows in cooling and lubricating circuits
  • Antifreeze protection of heat pump systems
  • Dry out protection
  • Starting and stopping of pump motors
  • Monitoring flows at high temperature and of
  • high viscosity
  • Customised designs
Unique selling points 

  • Rugged – heavy duty
  • Simple & dependable
  • Good repeatability
  • For gases and liquids
  • Quick response times
  • Position independent
  • Insensitive to magnetic fields
  • Wide range of pipe sections & materials



The Eletta Group
The group develops equipment and technologies for monitoring and maintaining the flow, the consistency and the cleanliness of fluids. Through our three companies – Eletta Flow, Cerlic Controls and WEDA – we provide technology that simplifies fluid management within industrial, environmental and leisure settings. From nuclear power stations to water treatment plants to paper mills, there are countless processes in which the condition and cleanliness of fluids are central to an organisation’s success. Flow meters from Eletta Flow, fluid sensors from Cerlic Controls and underwater
cleaners from WEDA solve the problem. The Eletta Group is a growing
global organisation with employees in Sweden, Germany, France,
the USA, Switzerland, China and India.

Eletta Flow AB
A Swedish company producing Flow Monitors and Flow Meters. The strong reputation of the company is based on robust design, longevity and precise deliveries. Eletta’s differential pressure Flow Monitors are extremely well suited for rugged industrial environments. For more than sixty years
Eletta Flow has supplied customers worldwide from the production site just outside of Stockholm. Eletta is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Eletta Flow is represented in almost 40 countries around the globe.
Our web site www.eletta.com contains more information and
you can reach our customer support at info@eletta.com or
contact your local Eletta representative.

In our technical data sheets you will find full details of the design, pressure drop graphs, measuring ranges and dimensional drawings. We welcome you to our web site at www.eletta. com for more information about Eletta and our Products.

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