SIPOS 5 Flash

Over a number of years there has been an increasing trend in process automation to distribute control system functionality away from central control to actual field devices close to point of application.
SIPOS 5 Flash actuators are setting the standard in pioneering product development that supports this change.
Wide ranging actuator applications The SIPOS 5 Flash actuator series has proven field reliability and
constant further development has opened up a wide variety of applications including:
– The energy sector – from the power plant to district heating
– Water management – from drinking water processing to thesewage treatment plants
– Industrial plants – from cement factories to the food and chemicalindustries


Integrating power and control circuits within the actuator, means components traditionally mounted in separate control cabinets such as circuit breakers, reversing contactors and thyristors have been designed out, thus resulting in lower system costs, simplifi ed
installation and increased reliability. Flexible electronics also enables the actuators to be used with both conventional and fi eldbus systems – the SIPOS 5 Flash is extremely adaptable to the respective control system. The modular structure of the SIPOS 5 Flash allows it to be upgraded from simple conventional control to fi eldbus communication to suit a wide variety of applications.

The modularity of the unit means that the electronics can be quickly and easily mounted separately from the gear unit. This has benefi ts where extreme vibrations or ambient temperatures are experienced, if there are space constraints or when local operator control is not possible. The SIPOS 5 actuator promises valve manufacturers, consultants plant constructors and operators supreme fl exibility and functionality both now and in the future. The full capabilities of the innovative new generation SIPOS 5 Flash actuators are detailed on the following pages.

SIPOS 5 Flash
One for all – The intelligent approach to actuator design

Modern process engineering requires valves which will operate at precisely defined speeds. The SIPOS 5 Flash actuator range incorporates an electronic frequency converter driving a robust induction motor (instead of the conventional motor plus reduction gear arrangement) which allows software confi gurable speed control (ratio 1:8) for valve open/closure rates. Changing speeds rates is therefore an extremely simple procedure either at time of valve specification or later on-site. This intelligent approach to actuator design provides the ultimate in actuator fl exibility which has benefi ts in plant design, construction, startup and commissioning. There are even benefi ts in supply chain inventory as the same actuator can cover a multitude of requirements.

Electronics replaces mechanical components
Replacement of mechanical components such as limit and torque switches reduces the need for maintenance ensuring trouble free
operation. Time consuming adjustment work is a thing of the past as the SIPOS 5 Flash PROFITRON does not even have to be opened for recommissioning.


Rotary actuator
2SA5 …
Performs as both a stand alone
rotary actuator and the
key component of the linear and
part turn actuator variants 2SB5
and 2SC5
Linear actuator
2SB5 …
Consists of a rotary actuator 2SA5
and an attached thrust unit
Software configurable positioning
speed (mm/min) and cut-off force (kN)
Part-turn actuator
2SC5 …
Consists of a rotary actuator 2SA5
and an attached worm gearbox
Software configurable positioning
time (sec/90°) and cut-off torque (Nm)
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